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Ever wonderd how to approach the topic of relationships and sex education with your child? Here's some tips and information about how to do just that (without the awkwardness!) 
Two hands supporting a person inside a heart. Helping to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Our Offering 

Providing Healthy Relationships & Sex Education  
(without the awkwardness!) 
rePHRASE® offers bespoke Relationships and Sex Education delivered by a qualified Relationships and Sex Educator, using a variety of interactive activities and resources to ensure learning is fun, relevant and memorable.  
rePHRASE® provides workshops, presentations and organisational training and awareness and works with: 
State schools 
Independent Schools 
Sixth Form Colleges 
Devon & Cornwall Police 
Domestic Abuse Survivors 
HM Prison & Probation Service 
Staff / Teachers / Parents 
Pregnancy Centres 
Youth groups 
...delivering education that reflects good practice in alignment with the ‘Principles of good RSE’ (as highlighted by The Sex Education Forum). Effective RSE should provide an opportunity for exploration, reflection and a chance to remove the perceived shame and taboo associated with some of the topics within the realm of relationships and sexual health. 
Be proactive, not reactive. 
The evidence: 
Young people who receive effective Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) are... 
More likely to seek help or speak out 
Less likely to be a victim or perpetrator of sexual violence 
More likely to practice safer sex and have improved health outcomes; 
More likely to have consented to first sex, and for first sex to happen at an older age; 
More likely to have an understanding of digital safety in regard to relationships and sex; 
“Effective relationships and sex education is one of the most important ways to improve sexual health in the long term for adolescents and young people” 
(World Health Organisation 2016) 
Questions mark and speech bubble. What makes us unique?

What Makes Us Unique? 

rePHRASE® provides an interactive, dynamic alternative to traditional RSE provision. By using a variety of resources and activities we ensure learning is fun, relevant, memorable and engaging. We are 100% driven to help young people explore topics within the area of relationships and sex, safely and without judgement, empowering them to make informed choices and develop healthy, respectful relationships. 


To equip young people with the knowledge, attitudes and skills that will empower them to build and maintain healthy, respectful relationships... 
Everyone deserves and has the right to experience healthy, safe relationships. 
There are different kinds of poverty in society including ‘relational poverty’. Young people are often over-entertained, yet underwhelmed; over-indulged, yet unfulfilled (always looking for the next best thing, but never fully satisfied). Relationships and Sex Education goes beyond educating about reproduction, risks and disease. It can help young people to be safe, confident and happy when it comes to their approach to relationships and sex, now and for the rest of their lives. 
It's time to change the conversation... it's time to rePHRASE® 

Mission Statement: 

To equip young people with the knowledge and skills to build and maintain healthy relationships 
To empower them to know their worth and build self-esteem 
To help individuals recognise the importance of boundaries and choice within relationships 
To support young people to develop skills / resilience to deal with the influences of modern technology / social-media on relationships and sex 
To enrich learning experiences through relevant, interactive teaching methods that deepen learning, increase retention and improve confidence. 


Reliability Equality Passion Honesty Respect Accessibility Sincerity Efficiency 
Magnifying glass looking closely at a red heart. Ethos is unconditional love for all.


Unconditional love for all. 
We believe that each person is unique and strive to help people recognise their value and have confidence in who they are. We recognise and value the importance of healthy relationships and support others to build, enjoy and  
maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.  
Our approach is holistic, emphasising that emotional, mental, physical and social wellbeing is intrinsically linked to the value and choices made around relationships and sex. 

Guiding people towards independent decision-making 

Our educational approach is to empower people to be critical thinkers and help enable them to make informed choices that are shaped on their personal values and belief systems, guiding people towards independent decision-making. We are committed to supporting people to make informed and healthy choices about their relationships and sexual health. Investing in young people now, provides greater opportunities to not only impact them and their own relationships, but potentially future generations to follow. 

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