rePHRASE® offers bespoke RSE support, to contribute to the wider delivery of RSE. Sessions are delivered by an accredited Relationships and Sex Educator using a variety of interactive activities and resources to ensure learning is fun, relevant and memorable. 

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How do you support your students within the area of RSHE? Would you like to provide interactive, memorable RSHE lessons for your students? Need support in complying with statutory RSHE legislation? Or, have staff who REALLY don't want to say 'those words' ? ... rePHRASE® would love to help ease the burden on your teachers! 
"PJ has an outstanding ability to create rapport with pupils whether it's in a small group setting or when she's speaking to a large group. PJ delivered wonderful small group workshops on body image and self-esteem with our Year 9 girls which were highly impactful in helping the girls reflect on what is influencing their sense of self and how they perceive themselves. It was a highly positive session with wonderful feedback from the pupils. She also ran large group talks to our Year 10 and 11 pupils on relationship 'red flags'. It was wonderful to see how impactful her work was and see pupils learning the language they need to identify and call out negative and abusive behaviours. Fantastic!!" 
(BCJ - Head of PSHE, Blundell's School) 
Sometimes one sentence is all it takes to know someone,  
somewhere has been empowered to make a change for the better... 
"I won't let him treat me in an unhealthy way now" (Student, Year 10) 
(anonymous student feedback following a session exploring healthy/unhealthy/  
abusive relationships, including 'gaslighting'). 
Staff Training 
How would you, or your staff, feel if a young person started asking questions about sex and relationships? Scared, awkward, terrified?  
Would you like your staff to feel more confident when talking about this subject?  
rePHRASE® provides organisational / staff training and awareness in supporting young people to have healthy relationships in the digital age.  
Learning outcomes... 
Top Tips to empower you as an educator 
Increased confidence to deliver effective RSE 
Strategies to deal with questions that come up in sessions 
How to have 'those' conversations (without the awkwardness!) 
and much more... 
"One word - Wow! PJ brought a level of enthusiasm and expertise to the day that is priceless. The feedback from my team of tutors was entirely positive, many saying that the session has given them both the tools and the confidence to approach subjects in a compassionate, comfortable and informed manner. There was opportunity to discuss specific issues, and when placed on the spot PJ delivered in spades. 
Our learners are all SEND, and consideration for this was threaded through the session. This made it clear this was a bespoke plan,  
which helped my team to feel valued and invested in. In short, money well spent and I am planning to bring in rePHRASE in for my next  
staff training - money well spent!" 
(DS - Head of Pastoral, The Outdoors School) 
"rePHRASE delivered excellent, energetic and engaging RSE training to Inspire South West staff. It was tailored to meet the needs of our business and student co-hort. PJ had a way of putting everyone at ease and empowering staff to embrace open conversations on challenging topics. Following the training PJ has also provided invaluable bespoke advice and insight on a specific scenario with a student. 
I would highly recommend rePHRASE ." 
(Emma Sojitra - Director of Education, ISW) 
"Such great training!!! The trainer PJ is an absolute legend and really helped train and improve how we deliver support and guidance to the young people we work with at YMCA Exeter. Phenomenal work couldn't recommend it highly enough to other providers. It can be such a sensitive topic, was handled really well and as the point of rePHRASE... it was without the awkwardness". 
(CS - Project Coordinator, YMCA Exeter) 
"rePHRASE provided an input to our staff and the session PJ provided was one of the very best we've had. PJ is an engaging and passionate speaker and her knowledge and experience has massively increased understanding of the subject for our staff. Feedback from attendees has been extremely positive and I look forwarded to working with rePHRASE again in the future". 
(Steve Williams – Youth Strategic Lead, Devon & Cornwall Police) 
💬 "Open and honest, down-to-earth and practical".  
💬 "The session was lively, interactive, informative and interesting".  
💬 "Lots of humour plus information – very experienced practitioner with lots of examples".  
💬 "Really informative and affirming. Lots of practical advice to use in real situations. Much appreciated!" 
(PCN Practitioners) 

Youth Groups 

Youth work can help young people to understand their right to have healthy and safe relationships. By including Relationships and Sex Education in your youth programme topics such as consent, self-esteem and the impact of pornography can be explored in a safe space. 
Do you need support in complying with the National Youth Agency Curriculum (highlighted in NYA Guidelines)? Not sure how to address topics such as Healthy Relationships, Pornography or Sex? rePHRASE® offers a variety of RSE topics for youth groups. 
“Our sex & relationships sessions were requested by the parents of our youth group and rePHRASE® came highly recommended to us. We weren't disappointed, PJ was brilliant, and our youth loved her friendly and interactive style. The sessions were well constructed and had a good flow to them. The content was thought-provoking and well researched. Our Youth Group loved the sessions and were very fond of PJ”. 
(SS - Youth Team Leader, Lyme Regis) 
“I now know that you can take back consent and being pushed into stuff is unhealthy” (participant, age 14) 
“I will think about my achievements and the things I do well  
instead of relying on social media ‘likes’ to increase my self-esteem” (participant, age 15) 
If you'd like to offer interactive, memorable RSE sessions for 
your teens, then rePHRASE® is here to help. 

1:1 support 

For those who prefer an alternative learning-environment, 1:1 sessions are available providing an opportunity to cover specific RSE-related topics in a relaxed, one-to-one setting, providing the individual with bespoke one-to-one support around their chosen topics and a chance to ask questions without the perceived pressure of being in a group. 
“PJ has a strong passion and enthusiasm when it comes to relationships and sexual education. When attending her sessions, I felt as though no topic was off limits and that there was no such thing as a silly question. PJ is very approachable and professional. She makes easy work of breaking through barriers, cutting ties with shame and making the difficult conversations in life more comfortable. I could talk to her about anything with complete confidence and trust and without any fear of embarrassment, judgement or ridicule. I feel confident in saying that PJ is highly capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness, dignity and respect”. 
(JLO - Client, Exeter) 


Bespoke parent-packs designed to support parents with the knowledge and communication skills they need to talk to their child(ren) about relationships and sexual health. Each pack contains specific topics chosen by the parent with associated activities (where applicable). This tool provides opportunities to help parents be effective RSE educators in their own home. 
"Hi PJ, my kids love us reading through the pack together! (****) particularly enjoys the read … No embarrassment just giggles and excitement about puberty! Great time to start the conversation with him … this pack is super timely... I love that the pack covers things we haven’t spoken about yet (coz of not feeling very adequate) and the book has been that needed icebreaker to help us get it going. So so helpful!" 
(LD - Parent, Exeter) 
"I can't thank you enough for today, it has helped me so much and I feel much stronger and better equipped to help and understand what (****) might be going through in terms of puberty etc. I’m just so grateful to you because I truly believe I will now be able to move further forward with (****) because I feel much stronger and much more aware and enlightened.  
Knowledge & education is key". 
(SD - Parent, Exmouth) 

Relationships and Sex Education themes covered by rePHRASE®... 

Puberty and reproduction 
Sexting / naked picture sharing 
Relationships and sex (including relationship ethics and sexual health - when and how to access support) 
Sexual Health (sexually transmitted infections including HIV, Contraception) 
Healthy Relationships / Hidden abuse (Romance v. 'red flag') 
Relationships and emotionally safe sex (focusing on consent, including information about rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment) 
The Media Challenge (option 1: the influence of media on self-esteem and body-image option 2: the impact of porn on sex and relationships) 
First date to life mate (starting and maintaining intimate relationships) 

Case Studies and Testimonials 

"I brought PJ in to speak to my team of Pastoral Tutors to help them with the awkward conversations around sex that are part of school life...  
One word - Wow! 
PJ brought a level of enthusiasm and expertise to the day that is priceless. The feedback from my team of tutors was entirely positive, many saying that the session has given them both the tools and the confidence to approach subjects in a compassionate, comfortable and informed manner. There was opportunity to discuss specific issues, and when placed on the spot PJ delivered in spades. 
Our learners are all SEND, and consideration for this was threaded through the session. This made it clear this was a bespoke plan, which helped my team to feel valued and invested in. In short, money well spent and I am planning to bring in rePHRASE in for my next staff training - money well spent!" 
(DS - Head of Pastoral, The Outdoors School) 
"PJ is not just an educator, she's a game-changer! With a background in Psychology and a wealth of experience, PJ has dedicated her career to providing Healthy Relationships & Sex Education without the awkwardness. Her interactive workshops extend beyond schools, reaching organisations like the D&C Police, HM Probation Service, YMCA and youth groups, fostering critical thinking, informed choices, and healthy relationship behaviours". 
(AL - Exeter) 
Student voice... 
“Thank you for your transparency and easiness in relating to, understanding and communicating with us” 
Favourite thing about the workshops: 
“We can be honest” 
“How welcoming it was”. 
“It was free of judgement”. 
“The content, the involvement and activities” 
“I liked how we could be open and not feel judged”. 
“The environment, as it was comforting, and I felt safe”. 
“How relatable it was and how kind and approachable PJ was" 
“How PJ taught us. Detailed explanation and engaging activities” 
“It gave us chance to interact and think about what we agree or disagree with” 
“My favourite thing about the workshop was all of it, I really enjoyed it and how it feels like a safe space”. 
How will it make a difference?: 
“I will respect others” 
“I can recognise red flags” 
“I will always treat girls well” 
“This has increased my self-esteem” 
“I won't stay in another abusive or unstable relationship” 
“I feel more confident about myself and feel less insecure” 
"This has helped me to understand deeper communication” 
“I will be able to put myself in a position to build a healthy relationship” 
“I feel more positive about my body image and I will accept who I am” 
“I know what a healthy relationship should include…I know what I’m looking for” 
“I feel more confident about what I want in a relationship (and when to walk away)” 
“This has helped me recognise what is a healthy relationship and what is an unhealthy relationship” 
“I will improve myself to have more of these qualities so that I can maintain stronger relationships” 
“I won’t let him treat me in an unhealthy way now” (following a conversation about 'gaslighting') 
"PJ delivered sessions to our Y12 and 13 students on consent, healthy relationships and red flags. The sessions were engaging and pitched exactly right for this age group and allowed them to consider their own relationships in a mature way. One student commented "it has made me examine my own long standing relationship and re-evaluate what I am OK with." Having the sessions delivered by an outside speaker had a more powerful impact on the students than if teachers had delivered the session - they felt the school was valuing the importance of the topic and therefore turned to an expert for delivery". 
(R H-W - Director of Sixth Form, St John's, Marlborough) 
"PJ has spent several sessions over the last few weeks exploring self-esteem, healthy relationships and the impact of pornography  
with our year 9 and 10 girls. We have had some fantastic feedback from the girls and they have voiced that they  
felt comfortable to ask questions that they have not been able to ask anyone before.  
PJ's sessions are informative, relaxed and engaging and we will be using PJ again to work with our Y10 and 11 boys in the coming year!" 
(SG - Child Protection/Safeguarding Lead) 
Case Study (Domestic Abuse Survivors)  
rePHRASE was asked to run a workshop for an organisation that provides programmes of support for survivors of domestic abuse. 
The director of More Positive Me CIC wanted to provide further support for the many people who go through their particular DA support programme. It was identified that the group would benefit from exploring the topic of healthy relationships as a way of empowering them in the future. 
Having identified and discussed key areas to focus on we created a bespoke workshop which took a proactive and preventative approach. We used 
a mixture of discussion, activities, resources, and visual aids and adapted accordingly to meet the needs of all participants in the group to ensure the workshop was relaxed, safe and engaging. 
By encouraging, educating and empowering the group members, they left feeling energised and excited to invest further in themselves and in their current/potential future relationships. One particular parting comment was: "PJ helped me see things and open up about certain things I didn't even realise I needed to - I was blocked and so unaware. Although I felt triggered by some things, PJ dealt with us amazingly". 
Client comment: 
"Healthy relationships & sex education without the awkwardness, YES! Just fantastic, fun and engaging. It’s obvious that PJ is passionate about her work. Fantastic session for our group who have experienced domestic abuse, also fantastic that PJ is working with younger people to prevent this. This is the forward way of engaging people in the conversation. I highly recommend rePHRASE. PJ is a game changer... PJ’s Healthy Relationship Workshop was engaging and fun. The awkwardness was taken away and we felt comfortable to talk openly. PJ is passionate about her work and it shows in her delivery of the subject. So many lightbulb moments, suddenly things made sense. Thank you so much". 
(JB - Director, More Positive Me CIC) 
Case Study (Parent): 
We were contacted by a parent of a 12-year-old boy, who was not in a mainstream education setting. Mum was concerned about her son missing his sex education due to frequently being out of school. 
She was concerned about supporting her son’s understanding of puberty and helping him navigate the associated changes, challenges and pressures often faced through the teenage years. Particularly as she did not have the input from school lessons and needed a safe space to chat things through! 
Mum contacted rePHRASE, describing the challenges and worries with PJ. In order to support both mum and son, PJ created a bespoke, parent-pack resource (a home toolkit) to use at home to support her son. The pack captured a ‘down-to-earth’ approach of communication, enabling the reader to explore the topics in a non-threatening way with tips, techniques, information and activities to support both mum and son (a gentle ‘hand-holding’ support for mum and a non-threatening resource for her son). The pack incorporated sections that spoke specifically to mum, and others that were created just for her son. 
Having worked through the parent-pack, Mum expressed her relief and appreciation as the resource gave her a greater level of confidence in dealing with the specific topics covered. Mum felt informed, empowered, encouraged, and supported in her role as a mum trying to provide effective relationships and sex education at home. 
Client comment: 
“I felt so much more confident having the resources and guidance to work through with him to talk openly and honestly about puberty and sex. I can also continue to use the pack at different stages as he continues to grow and develop. Thank you, PJ, – this is invaluable to us”. 
(CS - Parent, Exmouth) 
Case Study (Teign School) 
We were invited to run a workshop for the year 10 cohort at Teign School as part of their collapsed-curriculum enrichment day. 
The team at Teign School felt it was really important to support their Year 10s in particular due to the impact that Covid disruption has had on their RSE experience. They also recognised the value of having an external provider running sessions throughout the day as a different ‘voice’ for students and someone who could lead the day in a more impartial role.  
Having identified the key areas that were required for the Year 10s, we created a bespoke session which was delivered to each class in the year group throughout the day. The session focussed on healthy relationships and some of the myths, assumptions and misconceptions about sex. The day was interactive for students with props, continuums and activities designed to help them explore the chosen topic in a fun, dynamic way. 
The year 10 cohort were able to explore the chosen topic and key themes outside of their usual timetable, enabling them to think about key factors that are relevant not only now, but in any future relationship experiences they may have. The level of interaction and feedback from both teachers and students highlighted that they found the day enjoyable and for some it had had quite a significant impact:  
"I won’t let him treat me in an unhealthy way now",  
"I will not change myself for them",  
"I will be able to call out abusive behaviours"  
(Yr 10 students) 
Client comment: 
"We invited Rephrase to work with the whole of Year 10 on a carousel basis leading a session on healthy relationships, myths, assumptions and misconceptions about sex and we were not disappointed. The session was engaging and allowed students a safe space to explore issues around sex and relationships. Student feedback was very positive and it was clear from student voice that the session had a significant impact. 
We really appreciate your time, effort and professionalism and would not hesitate to both recommend you highly and to work with you again. A massive thank you on behalf of Teign". 
(LW - Assistant Headteacher and Education South West Lead on Personal Development) 
“A person with integrity, PJ is caring, understanding, trustworthy, non-judgmental, approachable, and empathetic. Her passion and desire to help and support young people whatever their background or life experiences through the delivery of RSE topics is evident. As a Health & Social Care professional, (and parent), I know the need and value of the work PJ delivers. PJ is passionate about relationships and I personally have valued her support to me. PJ comes highly regarded and recommended”. 
(JP - Co-Director Passmore  
Care Services, Exeter) 
Case Study (YMCA): 
The YMCA support a variety of young adults in a variety of ways. We were approached by one of the directors who wanted to provide relationships and sex education to the residents as part of the well-being support provided on site. 
Many of the residents have had little or no relationships and sex education during their teenage years resulting in a limited knowledge of sexual health matters and effective ways to build and maintain healthy relationships. Consequently, the YMCA asked to partner with rePHRASE® to help support their residents in this area. 
Given that the residents didn't have any previous contact with us it was important to start by becoming a familiar face on site and building a relationship with them. In order to do this in a relaxed, non-threatening way, we ran informal café-sessions introducing the residents to some of the activities and resources used within the sessions. In addition to this, we provided Q&A sessions for YMCA staff/keyworkers, to help them feel more confident when dealing with various situations presented by their residents. 
The relaxed café-style sessions enabled some of the residents to engage with the activities and chat about their own experiences, challenges, and aspirations. Taking time out to reflect and explore the topic of relationships and sexual health meant that residents could have conversations without any judgement or embarrassment. These informal introductory sessions are building a foundation ready for other sessions to be held at the YMCA in the future where topics are explored in greater depth with residents. 
Client comment: 
“PJ has a passion and expertise for her work and also has a very insightful and sensitive heart towards our young people...she is an excellent fit for this work in our context. It has been great to see our young people taking the time to reflect on what they see as important when it comes to sex and relationships. PJ has helped enable them to do this in a safe and caring environment. The tone of the support has to be just right for it to work with our young people and I feel confident that if anyone can….PJ can! I am excited about how the YMCA and rePHRASE® can partner together going forward and of the positive impact this will have on the young people we support”. 
(TW - Group Work Coordinator, YMCA Exeter) 
It's always good to get a male perspective of our sessions. Healthy Relationships and Sex Education is, after all, for everyone... 
Sometimes we just need to listen and respond to the person (not the gender) in front of us. 
"PJ proved throughout the session to be good at listening...I was concerned about discussing male behaviour...PJ spoke in a non-judgmental way with very thoughtful replies which kept the conversation grounded. She clearly has a very good understanding of the subject from different genders’ points of view. I left the session feeling listened to and supported". 
(AC - Client, Thurso) 
Case Study (Youth Group): 
We were asked to support a Youth Leader who runs regular youth group sessions for young people in his local area. 
The parents of the youths wanted to incorporate some relationships and sex education within the youth-group setting. As is so often the case, relationships and sex can be tricky topics to discuss and both the parents and the youth leader didn’t feel comfortable tackling such content effectively with their young people and so sought external input. They wanted provision that would be delivered in a way that would provide an opportunity to explore these topics in a safe, informative, and fun way (without the inevitable awkwardness!) 
Having discussed the requirements with the Youth Team Leader, we created bespoke session plans ensuring that each session was inclusive, informative, active and memorable. A mixture of discussion, activities, resources, and visual aids were used to meet the needs of all learners in the group. An anonymous Q&A box was also made available each week to ensure that the young people could ask ANYTHING about relationships and sex. 
Having created a safe, relaxed environment (without the awkwardness) the youths fully engaged in each session, exploring different topics with the activities and resources. The ‘no-awkwardness’ feel of each session enabled the young people to ask questions and explore each topic openly and honestly, thus helping them to be critical-thinkers and feel empowered to make informed choices with regard to their own relationships and sexual health. 
Client comment: 
“Our sex & relationships sessions were requested by the parents of our youth group and rePHRASE® came highly recommended to us. We weren't disappointed, PJ was brilliant, and our youth loved her friendly and interactive style. The sessions were well constructed and had a good flow to them. The content was thought-provoking and well researched. Our Youth Group loved the sessions and were very fond of PJ”. 
(SS - Youth Team Leader, Lyme Regis) 
"I met PJ a couple of years ago and instantly loved her ability to slice down taboos, create fun but accurate sessions and ideas, alongside being so incredibly understanding and approachable. We are very excited to be forming a strong link with rePHRASE - a unique Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) provider in Exeter” 
(Founder & Head Tutor - Live to Learn Tutoring, Exmouth) 
"Rephrase recently joined us for two excellent sessions at Selsdon Baptist Church, one for young people, exploring what healthy relationships look like, and another for their parents/carers (helping them to discuss the subject with their children). Both sessions were pitched at just the right level - informative, with a great understanding of the current context, and tackling the subject honestly but also with warmth and sensitivity. We've had lots of positive feedback and look forward to building on the success of these events". 
(Rev T Neill - Selsdon BC, Croydon) 
"It was brilliant to welcome PJ from rePHRASE to work with our students. She provided an informative and thought provoking session on self esteem, body image and social media. The students responded really well and her manner and presentation was spot on for Year 11. I am hoping we can book again for the future - it was excellent!" 
(RA - Deputy Head, Wolfreton School & Sixth Form College) 
"PJ was brilliant. Her workshops are very engaging, creative and relevant. The interactive style ensures that it's suitable for everyone. The topics PJ covers are so important for young people to learn and discuss. I would absolutely recommend rePHRASE!" 
(KC - Youth worker, Selsdon) 
"I invited PJ to run a workshop for a group of 16 year old boys. Her approach to the sensitive subjects was fun and educational and every single boy was fully engaged in the session. PJ's approach is so different from the old-fashioned sex education taught in schools and is so necessary in today's world. It's time all schools took this approach to the changing needs of our teens and thankfully PJ was able to do this for these boys. I feel confident these young men are now safer and better informed as they embark on their adult lives. I am very grateful that PJ took the time to travel so far to deliver her workshop. If you have teenage children, I recommend you organise a session with PJ and give them the basic tools for healthy sexual and emotional relationships". 
(EF - Parent, Surrey) 
“PJ was excellent. She will never shy away from a topic of conversation and is very careful in trying to help people get to the bottom of what is going on with them. Further the tools she provides to help one move forwards are easy to remember and powerful when implemented. She is always caring and professional and quickly puts you at ease. PJ cares and creates a safe space for things to be talked about openly and is a real pleasure to be around”. 
(AP - Client, Exeter) 
"PJ delivered workshops at Coombeshead Academy to Year 10 students during a Life Skills day. The focus of the session was contraception options (including condom demonstration) consent and healthy relationships. The students were engaged throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the session. PJ provided a safe and relaxed environment where students were able to ask questions comfortably. Feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive and I would definitely recommend PJ's workshops as a way to strengthen RSHE curriculum work in schools.". 
(RF - PSHE Lead,  
Coombeshead Academy) 
“Brilliant PJ, thank you! What made that really powerful, was how it was accessible to the pupils, the session had a mixture of being light-hearted, as well as exploring the more serious messages. You made a difficult topic much more comfortable, thank you.” 
(AJ – PSHE Lead, Exeter School) 

If you have a specific or bespoke requirement then please get in touch by filling in the form below... 

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